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About Linda



Over four decades, Linda has championed brands Comme des Garcons, Junya Watanabe, Yohji Yamamoto, Jil Sander and Vetements. Linda’s eye and influence has changed the way we see fashion not just in Detroit, but around the world. Her New York store, which occupied Park Avenue for 25 years (closed in 2008), is still talked about in low-tones, amongst global fashion-fanatics, wishing it back into existence. But here in Detroit, we don’t have to wish. We don’t have to speak in whispers. We can walk around the corner, and experience a masterpiece, not found in any other corner of the world.

Fall & Winter 2017 Style Notes

Fall/Winter 2017 offers a play on proportion and possibilities. Cozy, relaxed, over-sized or shrunken down jackets. Disruptive details can be found in just about anything this season- whether it’s a comfy sweater with extra-long sleeves, that can hang or be bunched up, or gently over-sized proportions that flatter the frame, not overwhelm it. It can be texture, or different prints mixed into one piece. It’s about intriguing the eye and mind." 

"One of the most valuable places to find this season’s look, may just be your husband’s closet! Cotton shirts that look like they have been stolen from his drawer, over-sized coats that wrap around the body. Extra-long leather belts can elevate a simple trouser. Slouchy, over-sized and comfy- don’t be afraid! Play around with the proportions. It’s more chic and modern than the skin-tight clothes we have been seeing for many seasons."

"Faux Fur is the staple of the season. Shaggy, long-haired coats, or “pretend” leopard or mink jackets, draped with ease, and wrapped closer to the body.  Faux fur slippers are not just for the house, but for cocktails and dinner, paired with long wool skirts and sweaters."

"Office-wear is getting the update it so desperately needed. Slim skirts (not tight!) with slightly longer, easy blazers. Don’t be fearful of an over-sized blazer- the slim skirt or trouser balances out the proportion and gives a modern, updated look that can be worn to a meeting or off to dinner."

"White jeans for winter- yes, WHITE! Pair with a cozy, over-sized sweater with a big turtleneck, and a warm, husky coat. During Fashion Week, this was what I saw consistently from designers, Dries Van Noten, especially. White jeans with everything."

“Athleisure” is out- “Luxe Leisure” is in. It is fresh to be able to transform from leisure to lunch, with relaxed shapes and fabrics. Satin pants and t-shirts, paired with flat slippers. Comfortable, but put-together.